I Wonder When He Comes Again SSA


This arrangement thrills me with its close harmonies. I put it together for my sisters and I to sing in church when they came to visit. There is nothing like singing in harmony with your sisters!

My favorite part is the end of the second verse. Such a powerful moment, especially when you let the silence of the rests linger in the air.

I included a version that has a piano reduction for convenience. But to achieve the tight harmonies, I would suggest getting away from the piano as soon as possible.

Download the Mp3

I Wonder When He Comes Again – parts in chords PDF

I Wonder When – separate parts PDF

with piano reduction (draft) PDF

2 thoughts on “I Wonder When He Comes Again SSA

  1. Karen Jackson says:

    Amanda, this is beautiful, thank you! I’m wondering if you have a piano accompaniment to go with this by chance?

  2. Unfortunately, I wrote it completely without the piano! I love the way the voices interact acoustically in this piece. If it is a little daunting, it would sound just fine with the piano playing the vocal parts in the background (piano reduction).

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