Christmas ABC’s

angel-letra-a Cindy Tanner was my favorite primary chorister when I was a little girl. She taught us this sweet little song for Christmas one year and I carried it with me.

However, I have not been able to find the music or composer of this song. So I wrote up a little arrangement based on what I could remember. It is such a sweet little song. Even the nursery children love to sing it.

If you happen to know the composer or where to find the music, please share below in the comments so I can give the credit to the right person. *UPDATE: Thanks to ggreeninger for finding the original music (which is much better than mine, but you have to admit I did pretty good for remembering a song from childhood!).

THE CHRISTMAS ALPHABET (by Russell Nagy). *original

Christmas ABCs  (my very simple version)

ABC’s visual aid for teaching in a group setting.

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