Sonatina For a Broken Finger


My daughter broke her finger right in the middle of a very promising year of piano lessons. It was the right index finger of all things! After sitting through her first lesson of playing with her left hand only, I sat down at the piano and this delightful song began to distill upon the keys.

So here it is, the sonatina that completely avoids the right index finger! It sits well in the hands, so it isn’t as tricky as it looks. Movement III is our favorite! (see below for a preview)

PS: Don’t forget your finger brace!

(they cost $2 or so at Walmart, so you can learn this piece without having to break your finger!)

Sonatina For a Broken Finger – PDF

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Primary Song chords

This project excited me as soon as I had the idea. I wanted to give my small children and piano students the gift of being able to play some of their favorite primary songs easily. I taught them three root notes of basic chords in the key of C Major (C F G). To help them to later be able to transpose into any key, I referred to the chords as I, IV, and V.

I was pleased that so many songs in the Primary Children’s Songbook were so adaptable to these three chords. Forty pages of songs! And they can play them all!

We also used these in home evening to add novice players on an auto harp, guitar, ukulele, hand bells, piano, and toy xylophone. Oh how the joy resonated in our family while we played and sang these beautiful songs together!

I hope they bring you lots of joy too.

Sincerely, Amanda

>>  Primary Song Lead Sheets <<


We Are Different

This song has tricky timing. Rather than trying to explain the rhythm to a beginner, it is better to teach them to sing it (with syncopation) and the rhythm will just happen naturally. Remember, the focus with these songs is to help them quickly learn familiar songs and fuel their excitement about playing the piano.

LH thumb is on F, and RH thumb is on G. The majority of the playing is done by the RH in this piece.

We Are Different

We Are Different w note namesScreen Shot 2016-02-22 at 10.15.47 PM