Primary Song chords

This project excited me as soon as I had the idea. I wanted to give my small children and piano students the gift of being able to play some of their favorite primary songs easily. I taught them three root notes of basic chords in the key of C Major (C F G). To help them to later be able to transpose into any key, I referred to the chords as I, IV, and V.

I was pleased that so many songs in the Primary Children’s Songbook were so adaptable to these three chords. Forty pages of songs! And they can play them all!

We also used these in home evening to add novice players on an auto harp, guitar, ukulele, hand bells, piano, and toy xylophone. Oh how the joy resonated in our family while we played and sang these beautiful songs together!

I hope they bring you lots of joy too.

Sincerely, Amanda

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I Wonder When He Comes Again SSA


This arrangement thrills me with its close harmonies. I put it together for my sisters and I to sing in church when they came to visit. There is nothing like singing in harmony with your sisters!

My favorite part is the end of the second verse. Such a powerful moment, especially when you let the silence of the rests linger in the air.

I included a version that has a piano reduction for convenience. But to achieve the tight harmonies, I would suggest getting away from the piano as soon as possible.

Download the Mp3

I Wonder When He Comes Again – parts in chords PDF

I Wonder When – separate parts PDF

with piano reduction (draft) PDF

Sunshine in My Soul (new tune)

Download this Mp3 (TB version)   Scroll down for the sheet music.

One day, while cleaning the house, I was humming “There is Sunshine in my Soul Today.” After a while, I realized I wasn’t humming the right tune! It took a minute to figure out why the tune was so familiar. After puzzling over it, I realized it was an uncommon primary song my mother had taught us: “An Angel Came to Joseph Smith.” The verses of the hymn fit perfectly with the tune of the song.
The following night, I awoke with a new melody in my mind, with the words of the chorus “Oh there’s sunshine, blessed sunshine….” It was so clear that I could not sleep until I had written it down on a scrap of paper I had next to the bed.
I feel that I was more of a scribe than a composer in bringing this beautiful song to light. The inspiration involved was undeniable. I hope that it brings warm sunshine to your soul, as it has to mine.

If you have a special experience with it, I would love to hear about it.

Grams and Gramps at the cabin

I dedicated this song to my grandparents, Lynn and Shirley Nielson. They have spent their lives spreading sunshine to many people all over the world. They were both missionaries in Samoa, Alaska, and Idaho. He fought in World War II. They raised 5 children at the base of Manti Canyon and instilled them all with a strong legacy of loyalty and faith in the Lord. I have felt their “sunshine” uplift and warm my soul many times.

Sunshine in My Soul (Gb) – solo (updated) – PDF

Sunshine in My Soul (lower – Eb) – PDF

SAB Sunshine in My Soul – PDF

SSA Sunshine in My Soul – PDF (voice parts, use solo version for accompaniment)

TB SunshineHM- PDF*

The Tenor/Bass version is a special arrangement for Elder McAllister and Elder Hallmark, who served in our ward for a time. Elder McAllister has a Youtube channel and a CD he produced to help fund his mission. Check it out!