Souvenir de Porto Rico (piano duet)


The Judd family performing in the PMTA Piano Ensemble. Directed by Liz Owens.

I put this arrangement together especially for the 2012 PMTA Piano Ensemble. Playing in the piano ensemble has been a tradition in our Judd family for generations, and we got everyone together who had played in it in previous years to perform this piece. My grandma, Ella Mae Judd, was a big advocate of her grandchildren learning the piano or other instruments, and music is something that has always brought us together. She passed away before we performed this, but I have a feeling she was as pleased as we were with the opportunity to perform all together.

Included below is the original arrangement, and also a simplified arrangement for less advanced pianists to play (together with the original version). My 6-year-old sister also improvised her own part, playing the melody when she could jump in.

Souvenir de Porto Rico (original)

Souvenir de Porto Rico (simplified)

*Please note: a primo and secondo playing the difficult version cannot sit at the same piano together or they will be knocking elbows and getting their fingers tangled. They can, however, share a piano with someone playing a simplified part.

Here is a video of our performance: